Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Coolest Love- Chapter 7

Friday, October 2, 8:15 a.m.

Beep. Beep. Beep. My alarm goes off. Since I'm most responsible in the house it's my job to wake everyone up. Our first class is at 9:30. I hustled downstairs with the thoughts of last night still in my head. He is amazing. i mean there was no goodnight scene, but he kissed me at the end of the night. I ran into Sammy's bedroom and woke her up. She was grumpy at first, then she realized it was Friday. Then we both ran up two flights of stairs up to Emma's place and jumped onto her bed, startling her awake. She was so mad, so i offered to make breakfast to make up.
"So, how was your night?"
"Well, it was good. I hung out with all the guys."
"Any news about you and your boyfriend?"
"Not anything that you two don't already know."
"Oh, any new friends?"
"I'm pretty sure Tuukka Rask is my long lost brother." i laughed.
"Oh, thats fun."
"You need to set us up with some of those cuties."
"Yea, i'll try."

Friday 9:30a.m. October 2
Ballet. My least favorite. Our school has three different dance groups. Two of them compete. There is Lite, Medial, and Elite. i got recruted for Elite, which is like an AP class. Ballet was the worst. We had Renee for a teacher. She sauntered into the room and told everyone to stretch. if Renee feels that you aren't stretching well enough she'll push you down until you're sore and you can barely walk. She told us to do our splits, right leg first. I sat there, in a split, in pain for nearly 5 minutes. Then the left. boy,that hurt. in the dance, I'm in the center, which I don't mind. Ballet ended at 11. A good 2 and a half hour class. At 11 I have math with Emma, while Sammy has AP math. i'm average with school. After math ended at noon, we had lunch. i didn't feel like walking home, so I went to the cafeteria. When I walked in with Emma the Lite dancers had taken our table, we had to sit at the table right next to Lauren, Tiff, and their boy toys. The rest of the Elite dancers sat with us.
"hey Sarah," Tiff called, "How's your life with the call guy?"
"I don't know Tiff, how's your life being a slut?"
All the guys at their table started laughing. They didn't say another word. When I checked my phone I had 3 new texts.

hey girl, milan hasn't stopped talking about you. you need to shut this boy up. =D

i replied;
sorry tuukk, i don't know what to do about he really talking about me? :D

Then I had a message from Milan;
from: Milan<3
hey do you wanna come and hang out with me and the guys in the lounge after the game on saturday?

I giggled and replied;
to: Milan<3
i'd love to. see you then. can't wait!

Then from Cameron. Crap.;
hey babe you were hot yesterday. who was the ass that took the phone from you?

to: Cameron
the ass in the situation was you. the sweet guy that stood up for me is my boyfriend. stop talking to me.

I put my phone back in my bag as we got up to go to practice for the Ice Girls. Greeat. Tiff and Lauren, again. It's bad enough they have to be in Elite and lunch. Now this. Walking to class my phone buzzed again;

hey i'm in town tonight. can i crash at your place? we need to catch up.

yah, i'll be home at 4. can't wait!

"Who was that?" Emma looked at me.
"My cousin, Eric."
"Oh, the hockey player?"
"He is so adorable."
"haha sorry"

Tiff and Lauren wouldn't pay attention at all. They basically just talked really loud about their next man whores.
"What about Milan?" i could feel their eyes on me.
"Oh yum!"
I turned to them. "shut up."

When class finally ended, Sammy, Emma, and I jogged back to the house. When we got there it was quarter to 4. i was so excited to see my cousin. He finally pulled in.
We ran into each other's arms. I hadn't seen him in a month and a half. We walked in the house, I introduced him to Emma and Sammy and we walked up to my floor. Since the Staal's don't have a sister, I am to them and they're all very protective.
"So none of those Bruins' have been hitting on you, have they?"
"Oh, well..."
"oh no."
"Well, I might be dating one."
"Oh no, Sarah!"
"He isn't a bad guy, you would get along."
"Sure. Which one?"
"Um, Milan Lucic."
"This isn't good. At least you'll be hanging out with us tomorrow."
"Eric, just please be nice to him."
"hey, weren't you going out with that Cameron kid?"
Oh god. "We broke up."
"He was really disrespectful and...he tried to make me have sex with him..."
"Sarah, i could kill that kid right now."
"Yah, Milan already threatened him."
"Well maybe your new beau isn't such a bad guy, eh?"
i laughed at his canadian accent, "Wanna watch a movie?"
We sat in my living room, watching Marley and Me. At the end of the movie I was balling my eyes out. I looked over and Eric was crying too. We both started laughing at each other. Eric set up a bed for himself in the living room and I went to bed, but then my phone buzzed. It was Milan. It felt like my heart skipped a beat.

from: Milan <3
hey i was just thinking about you. night! can't wait to see you tomorrow.

i giggled and sent him back a night and 'i can't wait either' and I finally felt like I could fall asleep peacefully.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

NHL Draft

omk! did anyone watch the draft? we had the second pick and we got tyler seguin! i like him so much better then taylor hall. i dont really know why. I might post another chapter soon but i cant find the book where i write all of the new chapters so yah. ok ill write more soon.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Coolest Love- Chapter 6

"Umm, hi?"
"You were...amazing." Everyone gave Milan a dirty look like they wanted to say it first.
"Yah you were sexy!" Shawn Thornton called out.
"Dude!" about 6 of them said.
"That was the greatest thing I've seen in a while!" Blake Wheeler blurted out.
Milan looked like he could explode and I felt so bad. I changed the subject.
"So, are we ready to go?"
"Yah let's go."
I walked out with Milan and he opened the door for me and we started off for Marc's house.
"So why didn't you tell all the guys that you were going out with me?"
"I didn't know if you wanted to be all public."
"Oh I'll tell them."
"Okay, if you wanna break all of their hearts."
"It's better then breaking yours."
His smile was light but his eyes couldn't hide anything. He was happy.
"I'm sorry about your loss."
"I'm sorry Alex Ovetchkin was cheaking you out."
"Ew, he is so ugly."
"Yah have you seen his nose."
"Are you kidding me?! China could see his nose from here."
We had some good laughs.
"So do you wanna hang out after the game on Saturday?"
"Oh sorry. I can't my cousin is coming in and I'm going to a party with him after."
"Oh who is your cousin?"
uh-oh. "Eric Staal."
"What?! He's your cousin?"
"That is so cool." Okay that was different.
We got to Marc's and his wife Katie was very nice and friendly. The weird thing is even though most of the guys had girfriends a lot of them just wanted to talk to me.
"You guys should know that I have a boyfriend."
"No way."
"You have to be kidding me."
"Umm, Milan."
They all glared across the room at him. It took him a minute to realize they were staring at him.
"Um, hey?" he asked when he saw the guys staring.
"Dude, really?"
"not cool."
"What about the code?"
"Ok first calm down and second there isnt a code."
My face had gone about as pale as posible. I guess this wasnt a good idea. Although, Milan didn't look worried at all, he was laughing. What? He got up and sat next to me.
"You know they won't stop hitting on you right?" he whispered in my ear.
"Well, I was hoping..."
"Not gonna happen." he laughed.
The guys seemed to forget about the whole situation and were back to themselves.
"So when you two split howabout you and I get together?"Matt Hunwick asked.
"Let's hope thats not soon." I shot back. The guys started laughing. So now the truth is out.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Coolest Love- Chapter 5

October 1 5:00 p.m.

"Sarah, will you be my girlfriend?"
Lauren and Tiff were still staring.
"I would love to."
He smiled one of his beautiful smiles and I didn't care that the skanks were watching.
"Milan will you just promise me one thing?"
"Sure hon."
"Don't fall in love with Lauren or Tiff."
"Are you kidding me, them, you don't have to worry."
Then he kissed me again and gave me that beautiful smile.
"Is it just me, or is all of the team flirting with you?"
"Um, I've only talked to Timmy and Tuukk, but I don't think they like me like that, they are really great friends."
"Well you should go talk to more of them."
"Ok I'll see you."

Once I walked away Sammy and Emma ran over to him. I was so happy that Tiff and Lauren couldn't get there.I wasn't sure who I should talk to so I just wandered until Vladimir Sobotka and Patrice Bergeron walked over. (Both so cute.)
"Hey I'm Patrice."
"Hi I'm Sarah."
"Hi, your pretty. Uh....I mean...I'm Vladimir."
I couldn't help but blush and giggle a little.
"So are you coming to Marc's party tonight?"
"Yah I am. Milan invited me."
"Oh...he did."
"Yes so I'll see you guys around later tonight."
"Yah bye."
My phone was starting to ring.
"Hey hon, it's Cameron."
"Do not call me hon. What do you want?"
"Are you a dancer for the Bruins?"
"Why do you care?"
"I saw you on their website."
"So why do you ask."
"Cuz I'm coming to the game tonight. I'll blow you a kiss, kay sweetie."
"I am NOT your sweetie, Cameron."
I was aware someone was behind me. I just wasn't sure who.
"So what are you wearing. Is it small and hot?"
"Cameron, don't talk to me like that."
"I'll talk to you however I want bitch."
Then I felt the person behind me grab my phone.
"I don't know who you think you are but if you keep calling Sarah like this you should sleep with one eye open."
Milan hung up my phone. I was so upset that he would be there watching me. Why does he have such a sensitive power over me? Milan gave me a protective yet comforting hug. We were in the hallway outside of the locker room. I slid down the wall until I was sitting on the ground. Milan sat down next to me.
"I can't believe him."
"I can't either. Is he your ex?"
"Yes and I'm glad for that. I am so much happier now."
He gave me that beautiful smile.
"I am too. So what time do you have to leave for your dance."
"About 10 minutes."
I got up to walk back into the locker room to collect all of the girls but Tiff and Lauren were already walking out.
"So your dating the tall, hot one."
Obviously they didn't see him standing a few feet away.
"Yah I guess I am."
"Oh too bad it won't be for long, when he sees me dancing they will all forget about you."
"Oh thats what you think."
"No thats what I know."
"Well there is one thing you know."
"Whatever we will see you on the ice."
"Ugh, I hate them so much."
"Well they"
"They are if you are any guy at our school."
"Yah. Well I gotta go. I'll see youafter the game."
"Okay. Come down to the locker room."
"Kay bye."
Then he gave me a quick kiss before I had to run down the hall to catch up with Sammy and Emma.

Thursday Oct. 1 6:50 p.m.
Showtime. The national anthem just ended. Everyone was in their seats and all the players on the benches. Gross Alex Ovetchkin was checking us out. Remember the Name started playing and I was put in the mode. I felt I executed perfectly and when I looked over at the bench they were staring at me. Oh my god did I mess up? Do I have a wardrobe malfunction? Do I look bloated?Do I look stupid? The dance ended and I was still self-concious. They were all still staring. Don't they know thats rude?
We left and I put on my Lucic jersey. Emma, Sammy, and I sat down in my dads front row, right behind the goalie seats.

Lets just say the game was pretty bad. I felt aweful for all of the guys and now I had to go to a party with all of them . I went down to the locker room but I waited a minute to walk in. I mean losing your season opening home game 4-1 is pretty bad. I finally got the courage to walk in. They all stared at me again.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Coolest Love- Chapter 4

Thursday Oct. 1 8:00 a.m.
Emma and Sammy were still sleeping. I hoped in the shower. I was already getting butterflies. By the time I got out and was wearing a robe they were both up.
"Hey Sa, what time do we have to be at the Gardeb today?"
"Well, I talked to Claude Julien and he said we should be there by 3 p.m. if we need to make another dance. Then we hang out there until the game starts. And he said we can hang out with the guys before the game starts."
"Oh my god that is so cool."
"Yah I know right!"
"Oh but what about Tiff and Lauren?"
"Oh my god, what if Milan likes them better than me?"
"He won't yesterday after you talked to the 3 of them and you were walking to your car you should've seen the look on his face. It was complete love."
"Yes really and I'm starving. Anyone else want food?"
"Yah can I have pancakes."
"I'll have one too."

Our dorm is avtually a 3-floor house just off of campus. It's a nice house too. Sammy lives on the first floor because she likes to be on the ground. I have the second floor, and Emma has the third floor because she wanted to feel like she lived in a penthouse. Each floor has its own kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. I chose the second floor because it has two huge walk-in closets. I use one for clothes and the other for dance stuff.

I could barely eat because I was so nervous and excited. After I finished I put on my clothes and did my hair and make-up. Milan got to my house right on time. He looked more adorable then ever, and he smelled so good when he gave me a hug. Then he opened the door for me! We both had our stuff to take to the Garden, and we talked the whole way into Boston like we had known eachother forever. We walked into Boston Beer Works and he held my hand! Of course people wanted autographs. It was so cute when he took pictures with the little kids. Then some skank went up and asked him to marry her. I was so mad. When I sat down Milan started laughing.
"Were you jealous?"
"What?! No...maybe...a little...yah."
"There is nothing you need to be jealous about."
We continued to talk and he invited me to a party at Marc Savards' house after the game. We finished eating and he payed. He held my hand as we walked into the Garden. I told him I needed to go to practice and our team would be down in an hour. Then before I left he kissed me on the cheek.

At practice Tiff and Lauren were being complete bitches as usual.
"Hey Tiff, know what I heard?"
"What Lauren?"
"I heard the Sarah has a boyfriend."
"No way, she must be paying him."
"Either that or she is easy."
"Would you two shut up?!"
"Oh I guess we found our answer."
"So which one is he?"
"Why would I tell you?"
"Well it has to be one of the three you talked to yesterday."
"You don't know that."
"We know everything."
"Yah except how to spell your own name."
"HAHAHA you are so funny, so was it the short, hot one, the tall hot one, or the inbetween, hot one?"
"Yah I'll tell you so you can go and hook up with him."
"I don't need you as my motovation."
I was so mad. We finished the second dance and headed back to the locker room.

Thursday Oct. 1 4:45 p.m.
We got to the locker room and the guys were hanging out in the lounge. When we walked in they all wanted to know my name, which was kind of weird. I told them who I was with a small smile, I introduced Sammy and Emma and then, of course, Tiff and Lauren introduced themselves. To my surprise none of the guys cared about any of the four of them, they were all staring at me. This was good for me because Tiff and Lauren would never find out. Also bad for Milan because all of his friends were checking me out. I guess only Shawn and Marc knew. Sammy and Emma were talking to them, probably about me and Milan.I couldn't see where Tiff and Lauren were but then I spotted them talking to David Krejci and Johnny Boychuck. They weren't paying any attention to them. The guys were staring at me.
The first people to approach me were Tim Thomas and Tuukka Rask. These two goalies were going to be my best guy friends. We were hanging out on the couch, talking like we had known each other for twenty years. Tuuk and Timmy gave me their numbers before I went over to Milan, who looked like he was fuming.
"Whats wrong?"
"Are you jealous?"
"What?! No...maybe...a little...yah."
"You have nothing to be jealous about."
Thats when it happened, he kissed me on the lips, just a peck, but it was perfect. Then I turned around and the only two people that saw were throwing dagers my way. Tiff and Lauren. Great.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Coolest Love- Chapter 3

After I said bye to the boys and Milan gave me a hug, I got in the car and 3-way called Sammy and Emma.
"You'll never guess what just happened!"
"What?" They said in unison.
"I'm going on a date with Milan Lucic tomorrow!"
"Oh my gosh I;m so excited for you!"
"Yah that is so great!"
"I wonder what Lauren and Tiff will say to you tomorrow."
"I'm not planning on saying anything or she'll steal him away, just like she does with every other guy."
"Are you kidding me?! You are so much prettier then her."
"Yah and they saw you talking to the guys."
"You have to be kidding me, well I'll see you guys when I get home. Bye."

When I got home I had 2 new text messages.
From: Milan <3
hey i'll pick you up at 1 tomorrow. Is that okay?
I sent him back a yes and that I couldn't wait for it. The next one was from my cousin, Eric Staal. Yes the Staal Brothers are my cousins.
From: Ericisthebestcousinever!
Hey I'm in town next Saturday for a game. We need to hang!
I said that I would be at the game and we could hang out after the game. I decided not to tell him about Milan yet. I don't know how he will take it.

Emma and Sammy live in the same house as me and they wanted to help me choose an outfit to wear for tomorrow. We had an outfit in 20 minutes flat. It was dark-wash jeans, a white long sleeve v-neck shirt and my new high-heeled brown suede slouch boots. (I needed some height.) Added with a blue saphire heart neckalace (that brought out my eyes) and some rings my outfit was complete. Then we wanted to watch to watch a movie so we rented P.S. I Love You and practically cried the whole time.

I was texting Milan the whole time too. He is so nice and caring. I also texted Eric who was very protective of his little cousin and he didn't like me dancing because he didn't want guys to be all over me. He also told me to stay away from the Bruins. Uh-oh. When the movie ended we were all really tired so we went to bed. Tomorrow will be a great day.

The Coolest Love- Chapter 2

Oh my god. Milan Lucic looked at m. And smiled! I walked out to my car in a daze. We had practice in a half an hour. When I checked my phone I had 1 missed call and 1 new text message. Both were from Cameron. The message said:
Baby, come over my house tonight :D
Oh great. I needed to make sure that he knew we were over. I dialed his number and he picked up quickly.
"Hey Baby"
"I'm not your baby Cameron. We are over."
"You peice of shit, get your ass over to my house or get out of my life."
"Well I'm going to have to choose to get out of your life."
"Whatever, bitch."
Then he hung up. I couldn't do anything but cry, no sob, walking back into the TD Bank Garden. I ran right into what felt like a wall, until I felt an arm grab me making sure I was ok. I said I was fine and I was sorry. Then I realized who it was. I just ran into Milan Lucic. He smiled the most beautiful smile I have ever seen as I brushede the remaining tears off my cheek.
"I'm Milan."
"Hi I'm Sarah."
"That is a beautiful name."
"Thanks." I blushed.
"Hey aren't you one of the dancers for the Celtics?"
"Well actually we were split up into two groups, one for the Celtics and one for the Bruins."
"Oh so what group are you in." He looked hopeful.
"I'm with the Bruins." I smiled and he prctically beamed.
"Oh so we will be together a lot." He smiled even bigger.
"Yah, well I have to go. I'll see you around."
"Wait, why don't you give me your number and maybe we can grab lunch before the game tomorrow."
We switched phones and then we both had to run to practice. I was almost late but I made I made it just in time.

I led the warm-ups and we started our first combination. I had a huge smile on my face the whole time. Emma could tell something was up. Our group was made up of me, Emma, Sammy, Lauren, and Tiff. Lauren and Tiff are so stuck up. I hate them. They have hated me extra ever since I became team caption. These girls flirt with every guyin our college and now every Bruin. And get all of them. Unlike me, who gets no one. Emma and Sammy are my best friends. I was so happy to get them on my team. Emma is gorgeous and is a charmer. Sammy is brillient and average looking. I'm in between them. I have been dancing for 5 years longer then them. I have danced for 17 years. They have danced for 12.

By the time practice ended we had finished the 1st dance. We have practice again tomorrow before the game. That ment I would see him longer tomorrow. Then to make it even bettewr the Bruins were also leaving. I saw Milan walking out with Marc Savard and Shawn Thornton. They were talking and then he scanned the parking lot, looked straight at me, then told Marc and Shawn something. They both looked up and called me over. Milan looked embarassed. Oh great. I walked over to them.
"So are you Sarah?"
"Yes and you are Shawn and Marc." They smiled. Now they know that I'm not a puck bunny.
"We heard you were upset, can we ask why?" Milan looked shocked. His jaw drooped I just giggled.
"Oh it was just my boyfriend," Now they all looked shocked. "Well, my ex-boyfriend. I broke up with him the other night and obviously he didn't get it. So I just had to explain it to him and what he said was so aweful. It just got me upset."
"Oh well we are really sorry."
"Yah but he wasn't worth it. And again I'm really sorry I ran into you Milan."
"Dude she ran into you, you told us you swept her off of her feet." I giggled again and he blushed.
"So what would you say if we asked if you would like to go to lunch with my friend Looch here before our first game of the season?"
"I... would say....yes."
Milan and I just smiled at each other.
"So, it's a date."